While we make every effort to deliver the highest quality of service possible, we recognise that, on occasion, we may make mistakes and fail to meet our own standards and the expectations of our customers. If this happens, we rely on our customers to bring this to our attention and to highlight any shortcomings in our service and to provide us with an opportunity to improve our service standards.

Our complaints policy assists in ensuring all staff and management of our organisation understand and recognise, acknowledge and respond to any complainants, how these complainants can complain and what they can expect from us as a result.

The complaints policy will ensure that internal procedures are available for dealing with complaints, they are effective and easy to use, have clear lines of responsibility and accountability, and that all complaints are handled fairly, consistently and promptly.

We are committed to treating all of our customers fairly at all times.

If you feel that we have not provided a first class service and have a complaint about any aspect of your insurance cover provided by Lonham or any of our dealings with you, you can raise a complaint directly to us or via your broker or other intermediary, or with any agent who may have issued the policy or is handling your claim on our behalf. Those informed will then refer the matter to us.

Alternatively, you can contact us direct by post, telephone or e-mail at the address below.

Please note -  If your complaint relates to a Lloyd's policy please contact Lonham, or if your policy is written on company paper, please contact CIC in Dublin. 

Lonham Group Ltd - Lloyd's Complaints
The Maltings
Princes Street
IP1 1SB 
T 01473 216 116

Chaucer Insurance Company DAC - Complaints
38 & 39 Baggot Street Lower
Dublin 2
D02 T938
T +353 1567 5580

Please quote either the policy number, claim number or insurance certificate number when you contact us.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint immediately, we will send you a written acknowledgment within two days of receipt. We will then investigate your complaint and, in most cases, send you a full response in writing within two weeks of receipt. In exceptional cases, where we are unable to complete our investigations within two weeks, we will send you a full written response as soon as we can, and in any event within four weeks of receipt of your complaint.

If you still feel like your complaint has not been adequately resolved then please contact Lloyd's using the details below. 

Lloyd's Policyholder and Market Assistance
Market Services
Fidentia House
Walter Burke Way
Chatham Maritime
Kent ME4 4RN
T 020 7327 5693

Lloyd’s will investigate your complaint and, in most cases, will provide you with a final response letter within eight weeks from initial receipt of the complaint (unless you have taken longer than one week to raise the matter with Lloyd’s after receipt of our response, in which case the eight week period will be extended). If Lloyd’s cannot complete its investigations within the eight-week period, they will write to you explaining why, and inform you when you can expect to receive a full response.

If you are dissatisfied with Lloyd’s response, then you can raise the matter with the Financial Ombudsman Service (subject to certain eligibility criteria) within six months of receipt of the final response letter from Lloyd’s or after eight weeks from submission of the complaint if Lloyd’s has failed to respond to you at the following address:

The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
London E14 9SR 
T 0800 023 4567

Please note, that in cases where you have not received the final response letter, the Financial Ombudsman may be able to deal with your complaint before the expiry of the eight-week period.

If you have any queries or require further information regarding our complaints process, please contact Lonham Group Limited Complaints Department.