Cargo Insurance

We provide comprehensive and bespoke cargo insurance cover for a broad range of companies. Our specialist underwriters ensure that our clients receive the right cover to meet their full needs and a service to match their expectations.

We provide Cargo cover for a wide range physical loss or damage to goods from any external cause whilst in the course of transit by sea, air or land.

This form of cover is essential to any company that is looking to protect their financial interest in any goods being moved throughout the world. Cargo policies are essential to companies involved in the import, export, retail and manufacturing sectors.

Cover can be provided for:

  • Facultative cargo – one off movements
  • Standard annual cargo policies – to cover the import and/or export and/or distribution of goods
  • Stock through put annual polices – in addition to covering the import and/or export and/or distribution of goods the cover is extended to include the storage of goods
  • Stand-alone stock policies – providing storage risks where there is no requirement to cover the movement of goods and merchandise
  • Project cargo – to cover large /multiple shipments for a specific project


  • Excess of loss – providing cover over and above the primary layer
  • Freight Forwarders cargo policies – where the freight forwarder can arrange cargo insurance for their customers with use of an on-line certificate system
  • Exhibition cover – to cover cargo to/from and whilst at exhibitions


In addition our policies can provide cover for:


  • Buyers interest
  • Sellers interest
  • Sales representatives samples
  • Engineers tools


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