Freight Liability Insurance

We provide comprehensive and bespoke insurance products to cover companies who have a contractual liability for loss or damage to customers goods.

Our specialist Underwriters strive to ensure that our clients receive one of the widest Freight Legal Liability insurance covers available in order to meet their full needs and a service to match their expectations.

Cover can be provided for:

  • Freight Forwarders – whether under BIFA conditions, national conditions or own contractual conditions
  • NVOC’s – evidenced by Bills of lading, airwaybills or similar transportation documents
  • Hauliers – undertaking carriage under RHA, CMR, FTA, HTA, uplifted contractual conditions, own contractual conditions or where no contractual conditions exist and cover is uplifted to the full value  
  • Couriers – whether under contractual conditions or uplifted to the full value where no contractual conditions exist
  • Removers – undertaking removals under BAR, NGRS or own conditions
  • Self-Storage – providing cover in accordance with SSA conditions or own conditions
  • Vehicle Transporters – undertaking the movement of vehicles for manufacturers, dealerships, garages, logistic companies, racing teams and the like
  • Warehousekeepers – storing goods under UKWA, NAWK, own and third party contractual conditions or legal liability uplifted to the full value where no contractual conditions exist
  • Excess of loss – providing cover over and above the primary layer 

Additional cover can include:

  • Errors and Omissions – to cover company’s legal liability to the goods arising from negligent acts, errors or omissions resulting in the company failing partially or totally to fulfil their contractual obligations
  • Consequential loss – to indemnify the company for legal liability following loss of, destruction or damage to goods in transit

Additional cover can be provided for:

  • Trailers – attached and/or detached

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